A Coaching & Reflexology Bundle For Women

Health Coaching by Catherine Breen in St Albans

Everyone can succeed in becoming stronger, happier and healthier

I have been passionate about natural health, nutrition, health prevention and education for years. I took the opportunity during the lockdowns to train as a health coach with CNM College of Naturopathic Medicine as it is complementary to my reflexology. As a Health and Wellness Coach I trained in behavioural health with holistic knowledge in lifestyle, nutrition and fitness.

Health Coaching with all the benefits of Reflexology

My area of expertise is about helping women build resilience to experience a happier body and mind. We all need a plan, goals and above all action! I am ready to meet you where you are and support you in moving forward from struggle to ease. These 2 complementary paths will unable you to create a ripple effect of healing that goes beyond your sessions into every area of your life. Sessions are safe, confidential and non judgemental.

“There is nothing more precious than good body & mind health.”

I coach women on how to adopt changes to their nutrition and lifestyle so they can overcome their health challenges, the sessions lead you to a life where you can achieve optimal and sustainable physical health, a balanced mindset and a full heart.

This Health Coaching and Reflexology bundle is for you if you are:

Suffering from recurring colds, coughs and illnesses

Feeling run down

Lacking in energy

Lacking in concentration and focus

Struggling with a “sluggish digestion”

Craving sugar, caffeine and carbs or constantly hungry

Concerned about inexplicable pains

Always looking at your glass half empty

....or you simply need inspiration and guidance on how to improve your energy levels and mood.

What outcomes can you expect?

A stronger immune system

More energy and able to focus better

Improved sleep

Reduced bloating

Improved digestion and regularity

Healthier hair, nails and skin

You may experience some weight loss

Understanding of how to have a healthy balanced diet that works for you

Ability to identify lifestyle and diet triggers that impact your health

Feeling happier and activating who you really are

Getting Started

Whatever age group you fall into, I am here to help you get stronger, healthier and happier, I will work with you to bridge the gap between where you are now and where you desire to be with your health.

“I strongly believe that with the right mind, everyone can succeed in becoming stronger, happier and healthier, make lasting changes and harmonise with frequencies and energies that created their genetic code.”

Fees for the 9 weeks Health Coaching and Reflexology bundle to build resilience for a healthier, stronger body and mind is £769 - please note that payment can be made by card at time of your initial appointment or prepayment via PayPal or bank transfer.

The package includes an initial 90 minute consultation with a personalised lifestyle and nutritional plan, followed by 8 x 90 minutes Health Coaching and Reflexology sessions. In between our sessions together, please note phone calls can be arranged (depending on individual needs) to discuss progress and this package can be spread over 12 weeks if needed.

I only work with a limited number of clients each month so I can provide a high level personalised service.

Louis Pasteur admitted to Claude Bernard: “The pathogen is nothing, the terrain is everything.”

Please note: Tests can be ordered at an extra cost and I will help you read and understand the results.


As a certified Reflexologist and Health Coach, Catherine does not claim to cure, diagnose or prescribe. The information provided is for the purposes of information only and is not given as professional medical advice, a means of diagnosis or treatment nor is it intended to replace conventional medical care.

Are you ready for a change?

Get in touch for a 10 minute discovery call or simply to let me know what is in your mind. Either way, put the kettle on and lets have a chat.

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